Sales Technical Services
Catalyst Technical Services Centre covers all of the cconsumer complex catalyst requirements. The unit is the leading Catalyst Technical Services group in catalysis in Iran and comprises academics and PhD candidates in the field of chemistry and chemical engineering. The unit enjoys excellent relations with similar academic groups in Iran as well as substantial co-operation with domestic industry.
Our Catalyst Technical Services Centre is equipped by sophisticated devices that enables us to find the optimum operating condition for the catalysts and offers some technical instructions and procedures to enhance the catalyst performance in industrial plants.

The following are a short list of capabilities of our center:
1. Investigation of physical and chemical properties of various catalysts and adsorbents.
2. Catalytic performance assessment of various catalytic processes, under different operational conditions.
3. Selection the best catalysts for special process and define the optimal operation condition for its
4. Developing know-how for catalyst manufacturing in lab scales.
5. Catalyst production scale up.
6. Modelling and simulation of various catalytic processes.