Catalyst is one of the most technically advanced and strategic chemicals used in the petrochemical, refining and steel industries. As the largest Iranian catalyst producer, SARV Oil & Gas Co. is now honored to be among international producers of this category of products. Some of the capabilities of SARV Oil & Gas Company:

-Production of all catalysts used in ammonia unit of Masjed Soleiman Petrochemical Company of Iran.

-Producer of all catalysts for methanol, ammonia and urea synthesis as well as acetylene hydrogenation catalyst and formaldehyde synthesis

-Manufacturer of all catalysts for the production of sponge iron in the steel industry

-Able to extract nickel from used catalysts and mine waste

-Loading and startup supervision

- Catalyst performance evaluation

- Technical knowledge development of new catalysts based on requisition of our customers

-Holding Catalyst Workshops

-Publishing specialized books in the catalyst industry