• The Companies will partner in the direct reduction projects using Persian reduction (PERED) technology
• Joint solution will offer customers more efficient sponge iron
• SARV to supply its high-performance catalysts for DRI process

 Tehran, Oct 04, 2017- SARV Oil & Gas Company (SARV), the Iran leader in specialty catalysts, today announced that formed a strategic alliance with Mines & Metals Engineering GmbH (MME), regarding sponge iron production projects.
According to the agreement, SARV’s catalysts will be qualified and recommended for MME’s PERED technology license.
SARV will provide a range of catalysts for PERED direct reduction process. The deal combines MME advanced process technology with SARV’s state-of-the-art catalysts to provide a highly efficient for sponge iron producers.
Mines & Metals Engineering GmbH is a German enterprise, that provide engineering and technical services for mining and metal industries worldwide. The company commercial references include approximately 50 projects in mining and meal fields. PERED, a direct reduction technology invented and patented by MME in 2007. MME as PERED technology licensor has 6 worldwide PERED plants references that using natural or synthesis gas.
SARV Co. established in 2003 that brings a long history in catalyst productions to the industrials. SARV is major player and producer of catalysts to large plants in Iran. The company’s references include approximately 30 reformers that produced and supplied above 2 million Cubic meter high-performance catalysts for them. As per the agreement, MME will recommend and endorse SARV’s PERED ® series catalysts for direct reduction process.
The Direct Reduction process converts iron oxides, in the form of pellets or lump ore, to highly reduced product suitable for steel making.
Karimi Vasigh, Direct Manager of SARV Oil and Gas Industries Development Co. commented, "At SARV, we are always looking for ways to further boost the benefits of our customers.
With MME, we have found the right partner to do so. our catalysts perfectly complement and enhance their processes, so that we can offer even greater efficiency to sponge iron producers with more value."