Iran’s second largest reformer of the steel industry, located in Khoozestan steel complex, is supplied with Sarv’s domestically synthesized DRI catalyst. The satisfactory performance of our previously provided DRI catalyst to the Mobarakeh steel complex in 2013 convinced their counterpart in Khoozestan to embark on a recent order for their Module 3’s whole reformer.

The initial attempts towards domestic production of DRI catalysts began 10 years ago by Sarv Oil & Gas Company via collaboration with experts in Khoozestan and Mobarakeh steel complexes. Sarv’s CEO, Amir H. Karimi, had another major announcement recently about the third upcoming catalyst delivery to Mobarakeh steel complex by the end of2015. Hormozgan, South Kaveh and Sirjan steel companies are also among the new customers this year, A.h. Karimi added